Pais exists to spark a Global movement where the Saints primary concern is the Kingdom of God and are equipped to advance it in their world.

Free apprenticeships

Choose from 6 continents and multiple courses

Pais Movement offers a Free Apprenticeship [valued at $10,400, read more] in different areas including training, accommodation & meals. Receive a recognized certificate or optional upgrade to diploma/degree. Apprentices are trained to be missionaries who make missionaries via the three distinctives of Pais: Mission, Discipleship and Study. They disciple and empower young people to become missionaries within their community.

Missional Youth Leadership

Specialize in Sport, Music, Performing Arts, or other.

Missional Church Leadership

Train in church planting, college, and community outreach.

Missional Business Leadership

Train in startups, CSR, and entrepreneurial skills.

Missional Organization Management

Specialize in Communication, Finance, Media, HR, or other.

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Other opportunities

how you can join the Movement

Pais offers different ways that you can join the Movement. Whether you are a family keen to get involved with Pais, a church seeking to have Pais as part of your ministry, or someone hoping to become a member of Pais full-time, here are some options.

As Pais we see ourselves as only one part of the answer. Everything we do, since the very beginning of the Movement, has been in partnership with other agencies, people, and denominations. We work with schools, churches, businesses and organizations to spark a global Movement.

Get involved. Adopt the Mission. Join the Movement.


The 3 methods that make us unique



Beyond Attraction to Application

Our primary method of mission is to go with people and empower them in their communities.



Beyond Education to Experience

Our primary method of discipleship is to invite people into an experience of the Kingdom.



Beyond Curriculum to Culture

Our primary method of study is to help people discover how to think not what to think.

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