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Nigeria is the most populated black nation in the world, with over 191 million people. A land blessed with rich natural resources like crude oil, fondly called “Liquid Black Gold”, and a perfect atmosphere which is accompanied by tourist attractions such as; the cold plateaus in Jos, the Obudu cattle ranch, Yankari game reserves and a host of idyllic beaches. Nigeria has about 250 ethnic groups and about 340 indigenous languages. With the various cultural and ethnic diversities, one is assured of a rich cultural experience in a land of adventure and opportunity.

Nigeria is the third African nation to receive Pais and, as a predominantly Christian nation (approx. 85 million Christians), the ground is fertile with hungry young people in the schools and communities who would gladly welcome a new way to advance God’s Kingdom. The doors are already opened, the fields are ripe and the harvest is indeed plenty! If you are looking at truly affecting the lives of young people in Africa, whilst experiencing the rich cultural diversity of the largest African nation, then you should, without a doubt, consider taking an apprenticeship in Nigeria – “Capture Nigeria, capture Africa!”

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Samuel Amasah

Samuel is from Ghana, West Africa. He joined Pais in 2013, when he was 20 years old, and served Pais Ghana for 2 years. He moved to Kenya in 2015 where he served for one year before pioneering two Pais teams in Nigeria. Samuel loves football, reading, praying and talking to other Christians about ministry.

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